This is the last practice of the portfolio definition cycle. In this practice, information from previous practices are collated.

This practice is part of the portfolio definition cycle.


The two key outputs of this practice are the portfolio strategy and the delivery plan. These plans should also be approved by senior leadership to make sure there are no gaps in expectations. The leadership team that approves and drives the portfolio is the portfolio direction group, which is separate group with delegated responsibility by the senior management.

The portfolio strategy will enable all stakeholders to understand where the portfolio is heading and how it is designed to help the organization to reach its strategic goals. The portfolio delivery plan is a more detailed artefact which will go into milestone level and will enable tracking and managing resources.


Presenting the portfolio strategy and the delivery plan can be done in a creative and suitable way for the organization, the presentation should include:


The two deliverables are:

The portfolio strategy and the delivery plan are living entities. They are not presented once and left on their own. They should be reviewed along with the organizational strategy reviews. This usually happens every quarter in most organizations. In some cases, it may happen annually. There may also be ad-hoc strategy reviews taking place due to sudden changes in the business environment or any other factors that significantly affect the business. If the senior leadership of the organization decides to revisit their strategy, then the portfolio strategy and the delivery plan must also be reviewed.

Written by Inham Hassen

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