Stakeholder Engagement

All stakeholders, irrespective of whether they are internal or external, are customers of the portfolio office. Engaging them is not just limited to keeping them informed or following their orders. Engaging means tapping the interest and influence of stakeholders to achieve organization’s goals.

This practice is part of the Portfolio Delivery Cycle.


Stakeholders for portfolios are usually senior, influential people. Managing their expectations can be tricky. It is important to engage them in the right way at the right time, which will eventually result in successfully reaching the organization’s strategic goals.


The following activities form the portfolio stakeholder management practice:

Keys to Success

The elements of engaging stakeholders include creating a shared vision, getting management board support for portfolio communications, building an influence-interest matrix, building an engagement strategy around each stakeholder and using the champion-challenger model for getting stakeholders to engage positively. This is a core part of the portfolio delivery plan.

Written by Inham Hassen

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