Principle: Strategy Alignment

The organization’s project and programmes should be designed in a way that the ultimate objective is to reach what the senior management of the organization plans to achieve. This is the key objective of portfolio management. Strategy alignment exists as one of the principles to establish this.

Investing on the right initiative to reach the organizational strategy is very important. Each initiative (projects and programmes) will result in one or more benefits. At least one benefit from every initiative must be aligned with a strategic objective for the organization. If none of the benefits from a project or a programme is aligned with at least one strategic objective, then the project’s existence needs to be questioned. This principle provides a mechanism to assess each initiative towards strategic alignment.

How is Strategy Alignment Achieved

Strategy alignment is achieved by the following:

Best Practices to Achieve Strategy Alignment

The following are the best practices for achieving strategy alignment:

Written by Inham Hassen

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