Management of Portfolios (MoP®)

Management of Portfolios (MoP) is a project portfolio management methodology, which applies to all types of organizations. MoP provides the steps you need to establish and operate a change initiative portfolio (a portfolio of projects and programmes) in an organization.

The MoP methodology is built on five principles:

And it is divided into two interlinked cycles:

The two cycles are connected through organizational energy.

The portfolio definition cycle has five processes:

And the delivery cycle has seven processes:

The framework also defines:

Project portfolios are always implemented within an organizational context. Strategic planning provides inputs and receives outputs from portfolio management. Senior members of the organisation are some stakeholders of portfolio management. Portfolio management needs to be implemented and sustained for realization or strategic aims of the organization.

Learners and practitioners of the MoP portfolio management methodology can get themselves certified. This is a two-step certification processes. The two certifications are:

You can join this LinkedIn MoP Study Group to ask your questions about MoP certification.

Written by Inham Hassen

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